Branding Strategy & Services

Create Your Identity, Express Yourself Visually To Your audience.

We’re Codemotto, an experience focused creative studio based in India. We create fresh, beautiful and solution led design, branding, and content across integrated platforms.

We believe in the power of positive emotions. We are guided by the vision to transform a brand. We believe that style takes center stage in defining a brand’s ideology. We understand that technology plays an essential role in propagating a cause. We integrate every element into our strategy to make a proposition that creates a fantastic distinction.


Area We Perform

Corporate Branding, Personal Branding, Employer Branding


Websites Design, Animation, UX & UI, Graphic design, APP Desigining

Promotional Design:

Taglines , Banners , Catalog, Create Brand Stories.

Identity : 

Logo design (Monogram logos, Wordmarks, Abstract logo marks, Mascots, combination mark, The emblem) 

Web Application Development

Benefits of Branding with us

Increase Recognition

When people see your logo on branded materials or products, they will associate it with quality and value.

Increase Consistency

If you’ve got a variety of products and services, it’s critical to possess a uniform image across all of them .

Increase Customers

As you develop a brand identity that folks recognize and trust, they’ll be quicker to figure with you.

Increase Personality

Your brand identity is that the best thanks to boast the character and personality of your company.

Increase Engagement

Customers are more likely to interact with companies once they associate quality with the brand

Increase Memorable

Make sure your customers automatically consider you once they need certain products or services.

Why Is Brand Marketing Important?

Whether you are a solo entrepreneur, small business, or large organization, deploying a brand-powered marketing strategy will help you inspire, connect, and build a deep-running, long-term relationship between your customer and your organization.

Such a relationship flourishes when your brand inevitably evokes emotions of quality, positive experiences, consistent value, and engaging communication.

Brands interest consumers because they need to relate, associate, and engrave your robust factor into their lives.

  • Are you a brand?
  • Do you have an ideal brand voice?
  • Does one automatically inspire prospects to show into customers?


How to Tell Your Story to Boost Your Brand